«GENIUS» TV Series. Einstein’s Life: learning and having fun.

Hello guys!

Today I’d like to write about a recent Tv series that I have loved.

This TV serie is complete: you will watch not only science but also love, family, history, countries…

I encourage you to see the TV Serie!

It’s name is Genius and it’s broadcasted by National Geographic Channel: Nat Geo Wild. So you can watch it on your TV with no problem.

Genius shows us Albert Einstein’s life like a tale.

Like a story about a normal person that wants to fully understand the operation of the whole world.

Normal I said? Well, actually not really normal. It’s obvious that he has a privileged mind. Always thinking about science. The truth is that he couldn’t help thinking about how the world works. It was inevitable for him.

The TV serie is perfectly executed.

It has a very well cared aesthetic. All the characters are perfectly dressed and characterized. The sceneries are also perfect for that age.

Einstein appears among his life performed by two actors.

  • Johnny Flynn who plays the role of the young Einstein; and
  • Geoffrey Rush performing the role of the old one.

Both of them do a very impressive acting.

My favorite is Johnny Flynn (young Einstein) because despite he is an unknown actor for me, he attracted my attention during all the firsts episodes. But I recognised Geoffrey Rush is not underestimated at all.

I’d like to stand out my favourite character: MILEVA MARIC. Einstein’s first wife.

Mileva was not only a wife or a mother. She was an exquisite expert in physic; she studied the same as Albert Einstein. Indeed they fell in love at the physic’s university.

She was a women really smart and bright. And she «had to» be a wife and then a mother of two children.

She sacrificed everything, because the science and the physics were the most important thing for her.

I like this character because of her strength and frustration.

Who else knew about the physician Mileva Maric? I guess no one… At least I didn’t. It’s a pity…

It impressed me that, actually, Albert Einstein had a very active love life!! Who knew that? :O

I find also really interesting the history involved.

Albert Einstein had to live the 2nd World War, so you will discover this episode of our history with a different point of view.

And you’ll find out that Einstein was a pacifist and an apolitical person.

If you are interested in getting more information, you can watch more contents in the official website of this TV series: here!!!! 😉 😉 😉 

What are you waiting for? LET’S WATCH IT!

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