Pretty Little Liars. 7 seasons to discover WHO IS “A”

The TV Series ENDED!! I’ve been waiting for years!!

I would spend hours talking about this but I ‘ll try to be brief.

After 7 seasons, we finally have known who is the mysterious A. I can’t believe it!😮

Although there are many many things that don’t have a convincing answer.


Don’t keep on reading if you haven’t watched the final episode yet!!

I actually liked a lot this show.

  • It has good acting, good plot and good costumes.
  • completely grabs your attention. It’s absorbent, shadowy and intriguing.

It’s completely worth it to watch it.

Although, be patient, you have to watch from the very first episode to the last one. You have to understand everything from the beginning.

It tells the story about 5 friends that since High School are stalked by their mobile phones. And they don’t know who could be doing that. They only know that the sign of all messages is “-A”.  SO THEY HAVE TO DISCOVER WHO “A” IS.

Marlene King, the creator of the show, explained that she wanted to tell a bullying story.


  • On one side, I feel relief. How many times I was wondering who A was?? Too much!
  • But on the other side, I feel a bit disappointed. As I said, there are a lot of things that don’t match.

-What is the meaning about the “intro”? (they keep a secret and bury someone… who?)

If there was no secret they were keeping, at the beginning… why did they not bring their phones to the police? 

-Why having twins is so normal? (Jessica & Mary Drake; and Spencer & Alex) 

-Why could Charlotte and Alex know everything that happened to the group? (Charlotte at this time was in Ridley) It’s supposed that they had help but… It’s not clear how. 

-How did Charlotte and Alex get the money to do the dollhouse or Allison’s insemination, for example?

Personally, I would have liked that one of the main characters (the liars or their couples) have been A.

(But I knew it was so difficult.)

One thing I don’t like at all is the final scene of the last episode… It doesn’t make sense at all. Is the story happening again with young girls? There is no point.

I think that the ending is not bad but not as good as I expected. 

But, overall, applause for the actress Troian Bellisario because she has been increasing her interpretation level and doing so well both roles: Spencer and Alex (the good and the bad). Her british accent was pretty good!

What do you think about Alex Drake being A? Is the final you expected? Comments! 😉




2 comentarios sobre “Pretty Little Liars. 7 seasons to discover WHO IS “A”

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  1. Hola! Excelente resumen. Estoy de acuerdo con el final, para mi la escena de las nenas y que todo empiece otra vez no iba! Pero como explique en mi reseña, Marlene King lo hizo para poder mechar una nueva serie… En cuanto a Alex como A… no fue de lo mas esperado pero tampoco me disgusto, al seguir hace años la serie ya me venia haciendo una idea de que Spencer podria tener una gemela, es por eso que no me sorprendio la revelacion… pero eso si, gran actuacion de Troian Bellisario! Practicamente se comio sus papeles y los interpreto a la perfeccion, la forma en la que ella ve a Alex.. y el acento de esta, la aplaudo!
    Beso! Muy buen blog 😀

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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