13 reasons why. A bullied girl story.

Wow. This is what I have to say about this tv series.

I was really excited about watching it and sincerely: I’ve liked it so much.

Very good unexpected acting and a very good drama on it. The script is fast and unpredictable so it absolutely attaches you.

The first season consist of 13 episodes. One episodes for each tape. I’ll explain you that.

Hannah Baker is a 17 year old girl who studies in a high school nearby her house. One day, she was found by her parents in her tub with her veins slashed. And suddenly a boy called Clay receive a package with 13 tapes. 13 reasons why Hannah killed herself.

He starts listen to them but it’s hard for him. She was in love with her.

The story starts with a tragedy so you know the end of it but you don’t know why she did what she did. It’s amazing watching each of the 13 reasons.

I don’t want to reveal anything else so that you can discover for yourself.

You have the sensation of knowing nothing. The serie shows you a lot of scenes and dialogues that you, at first, don’t understand. And that’s why you are the whole episodes confused and anxious. You really want to know what happened to her, why she commits suicide.

This is a serie that talks about bullying. It’s tragic: a girl who was bullied killed herself. She ends with her life because of it. It is very serious.

But I think you don’t have to forget that it is a tv series. It’s not reality. It’s not a serie with message. It’s fiction. And you don’t have to forget it while watching this serie.

I believe that it’s not a good serie that a bullied girl or boy could watch because the message is: you are more important dead. And it’s not absolutely true. And I would like to add that it’s not suitable for less than 16 or 18 years. The proper story and some scenes and dialogues are not okay for very young people. You should watch it if you are mature enough. 

Besides, I believe another message is present in the show: that you will pay the consequences. But did the characters know how much they were hurting Hannah?

The acting I think is pretty good! As I said I didn’t expect too much so I was pleasantly surprised. Mains characters: Katerine Langford (Hannah) and Dylan Minnette (Clay), do a very good performance. Both get better as the serie goes on.

Clay at first is a bit dull but later on he wakes up and will surprise you with his acting. Also Hannah, because she has some difficult scenes and it’s absolutely good. She conveys the spectator all her feelings.  And I’ve liked a lot she is not the typical tv young star thin and perfect. She is beautiful but normal, as every girl could be. I’d like also to highlight the acting of Kate Walsh as Mrs. Baker, Hannah’s mom. You will remember her in Grey’s Anatomy.

In addition, the format of a tv series is perfect: 13 episodes for 13 tapes. It’s very clear for the spectator.

The plot is fast and absolutely attaching. Things happens quickly and you need to hear each dialogue and watch each scene to make sure you don’t miss anything. I love those kind of series…

It also has an atmosphere of suspense and mystery that surrounded everything.

Finally, I absolutely recommend you watch 13 reasons why!! 

What about you guys? Did you watch it? Have you like it? 😉

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