Beyond the lights. Romanticism and black music.

I really liked this movie. I think you girls maybe like it most but also boys are allowed to watch!

At first you may think it’s a silly story… but it’s not. I recommend you all watch it and spend a good time 😉

It tells the story of a young famous singer, pressed by her mom to be something that she is not: a hot girl looking for fame.

The truth is that she has an amazing voice but the music industry transform her in a commercial singer. For the industry and her manager, his mom, is more important to be famous and sell discs than being herself and sing her own songs.

After wining a Billaboard Prize, she is not as proud as everybody imagine… She feels full of sadness and misery, without anything or anyone that keeps her safe. At some point of the night, she tries to commit suicide falling from the balcony of her hotel room.

Here is when something happen: a young policeman shows up in the balcony and grabbed her hand just before she falls down, and convinced her there is no need to end her life like that. She replies “nobody see me…“… ” I see you“, the policeman said to her.

He safe her, but is obliged to lie to the press, admitting it had been a mistake because the incident was due to a huge party and drinks after she won the famous prize.

Only one thing was true: the chemistry between them is unquestionable. Between the characters and between the actors. Gugu and Nate make a extraordinary couple (although Nate is married girls… it’s a pity!!)

After that, she hired him as his personal security guard. He starts to take care of her because she is so unbalanced. And finally, he gets results: (SPOILER) She gets rid of her false nails, false eyelashes, and false purple hair extensions. She starts being herself.

I think this part is my favorite. You realize that under a big singer star there is a common black woman that wants to feel people love her because of what she is and not because of what people make her to be.

She always wanted to sing other type of songs, deeper and more personal; but the music industry doesn’t allow her to do that.

During the trip she starts to relax and being herself. At some point, (SPOILER) she sings in a karaoke a personal song that she composed and someone record it and upload it to the internet. The audience react extremely good and it’s a complete success.

Finally, (SPOILER) she starts a new music career just like she had always dreamed.

I think is a good film and I’ve enjoyed watching it.

The truth is that I love black music, people who know me will know that, and in this film is a very important part. The soundtrack is fantastic and it’s a pity not more black musicals like this were filmed nowadays.

Both actors seemed to me very good, specially Gugu!! I reckon she does a very good acting. Recently, she has also acted as “the duster” in the successful film Beauty and the Beast, you can read more about this in my blog: find it here).

 And as I said, it exists a lot of chemistry between them.

The script is not slow at all and keeps your attention. The story is deeper as the film continues.

I guess that this story can be exported to a many actual singer stars. We only know “the product” made by the music industry… but we don’t meet the real person behind.

I invite you to think… Do you imagine the sensation of being a product, and not a person? Nobody should feel like that. I think it’s horrible. Some industries (and many singers) only looking forward money, more and more money…

The thing is that you start to think: Is this song I’m listening genuine? Or it’s simply a product of the music industries? I don’t know your opinion readers… but I can assure you I prefer to listen real songs with real feelings and rhythms. 

To sum up, I must say It’s a good film, with good soundtrack and good actings.

Perfect for a saturday night!!

*Excuse me if I made some writing mistakes. As you know, although I love english, I’m not an expert. 


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  1. Thanks for highlighting a hidden gem like this one. I thought it was a very special movie too. A huge surprise. Top notch acting. Natural writing. Strong themes. Fantastic direction. The music videos and concerts feel just as real as the romance. Great review!

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