Well, as you see, this is my first review written in english. I was looking forward to do this because I love the language and, in this way, I practice it. I’m not an expert. So please, be patient with me. I don’t know if my english will be all correct or if it will be too informal… but at least I try!

This film is based on one of the books the mythic Harry Potter studies in Hogwarts.

The real book written by J. K Rowling (that of course as a fan of Harry Potter I have) doesn’t explain any story at all, it’s a kind of a dictionary of the fantastic beasts that exist in the magical world. So the story has been invented by the same author of the books: J.K. Rowling.

The film goes over the expectations.I’ve LOVED this movie.  It’s not Harry Potter, but you can smell that world in the atmosphere. It’s incredible the hard work behind: costumes, buildings, new characters, new creatures…

This movie has won one oscar for the best costume design in the latest ceremony of Oscars 2017. You can read it in my blog in this link: find it here).

The film takes place in New York, year 1926 (obviously, before that Harry Potter exists) A wizard called Newt Scamander (played by Eddie Redmayne) arrives to New York searching for a creature that was lost but things occur that make more difficult for him to find it: an auror look out of him because of his mysterious bag… What will be there inside of it? The answer: a parallel world in which different kind of magic creatures, that he is protecting and studying, stay safe.

The script is pretty good: it grabs your attention, it has few funny moments and always shows something new: a new character, a new scenary or a new amazing creature. As I said, it’s not Harry Potter: it’s a different moment, with different characters…So that, it’s something completely new.

It was really difficult to start a new project in Harry Potter world after finishing all movies because they had to recreate a new world but without forgetting Harry Potter atmosphere. Too much expectations… But as a fan of Harry Potter and the magical world I must confess that the result is AWESOME. 

The “fantastic beasts” are incredible. If you have imagination you are going to love them…they seems so real…! I only show you guys a small sample of the creatures that appear in the movie because there are a lot of them and I want you to discover the creatures by the first time. 

The acting is very good. I must say Eddie Redmayne is the best actor for this role. I can’t think in anybody that could have done it better. He has a touch of madness that makes him special.

The film is entertaining and suitable for any audience. Once you start to watch the movie you can’t help wondering what creature will appear or what is going to happen. It catch you entirely.

The only thing you will need to watch this movie is: IMAGINATION. 



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    1. Eso es!! a esperar…! Sí el libro me lo lei hace unos meses y no está mal, pero para mí fue muy distinto, se perdía la esencia de los personajes y del entorno. ¿Qué te pareció a tí? Un saludo y gracias por pasarte por mi blog!;)

      Me gusta


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